The campus in Västerås is just a 15-minute walk from the Central Station, right between the city centre’s active life and recreation facilities. On the one side lie the old town and the city centre, with its wide range of malls, cafés, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. A stone’s throw in the other direction is the Rocklunda sports complex, with several arenas and sports grounds.

How to get to Västerås and campus

Getting to Sweden is the first step, but once you have touched down you'll need to find your way to Västerås and MDH. Here are some advice to make it easier for you.

Huvudentré campus Västerås

There are three airports in the region, and depending on which one you arrive at you can take different means of transportation.

Arriving to Stockholm Arlanda airport?

Arlanda is the main international airport in the region and we recommend you to take an airport coach straight to Västerås, since this is the easiest and fastest way. The bus ride takes about 1,5 hours. Tickets are cheaper when bought in advance but you can buy them onboard as well. There are some different companies operating this route, check out the timetables and prices on the websites (links below).

Arriving to Stockholm Skavsta airport? This airport is actually about 100 km south of Stockholm, located just outside the city of Nyköping (beautiful city btw with an interesting history). We recommend you to take an airport coach to Stockholm and then continue with train to Västerås. The bus ride from the airport to the Central Station in Stockholm will take you about 80 minutes and the train to Västerås takes one hour.

Arriving to Stockholm Västerås airport?

This small airport is located just outside Västerås and you can either take a taxi or a bus to the city center. There are often taxis just outside the entrance and they are similar in price, about 250 SEK to go to campus.

There are also regular busses departing about once every half hour (depending on time of day), the bus operating the route from the airport to the city center is number 3. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes.

Getting from Västerås Central Station/Resecentrum to campus

When arriving to Västerås from any of the airports or by train from nearby cities you mostly end up at the Central Station, a k a Resecentrum (Swedish for Travel Center). There are basically three ways of getting from there to the university.

  • By bus - choose any of the bus lines 2, 6 or 21. Please ask the driver which direction the bus is heading, to make sure it will pass the university. Frequent departures and tickets can be bought onboard with credit/bank card. Please check out VL 's own siteexternal link for more information.
  • By foot - walking distance from the Central Station to MDH is about 1 km, and it takes you about 20 min (depending on the amount of luggage...).
  • By taxi - there are taxis outside the main building of the Central Station, and the ride to MDH takes about 5 minutes. Expensive 5 minutes though, as it may cost you between 150-200 SEK.

Welcome to Västerås and MDH - we're looking forward to seeing you!