Do you wish you had signed up for two semesters instead of just one? For an exchange student who is here at Mälardalen University for a one semester exchange it may be possible to extend the period of exchange to two semesters.

Questions and answers regarding Covid-19 for exchange students

Due to the coronavirus Covid-19. Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions for exchange students.

MDH follows the developments and recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. These authorities are continuously updating their information and recommendations.

Find out more about the university's general recommendations on COVID-19external link.

There is a lot of disinformation around the spread of the Coronavirus and websites that might contain harmful code. Please only use trustworthy sources when you search for information.

Below you will find links to organizations that continually update information and recommendations relating to the Corona virus.

I am coming to MDH for exchange studies starting in the autumn 2020, will the university be open as usual by then?

The government has announced an ease in the requirement for distance education at the Swedish universities. MDH is now planning for the education being conducted as blended learning during the autumn, i.e. partly on-campus and partly digitally from a remote location. Exactly what courses and course elements that will be conducted on campus or on distance is yet to be determined. Currently MDH is working to create the best preconditions for students and staff to be able to operate as good as possible.

As a student you can keep yourself updated on information by visiting our website.


If the spread of COVID-19 prevents me from commencing my studies in autumn 2020, can I defer my admission to spring 2021/autumn 2021?

Contact the international coordinator at your home university as well as the international coordinator at MDH to see what the possibilities are to postpone your exchange studies.


When should I buy my tickets?

Due to uncertainty both globally and locally, we recommend that you wait as long as possible with booking your trip to Mälardalen University. The autumn semester starts August 31st so make your travel arrangements so you can be here until the semester starts. Please make sure that you arrive so you can access your accommodation, contact Bostad Västerås for questions related to housing. When booking any tickets, we encourage you to select rebookable/refundable tickets, as the situation may change rapidly.


I don’t feel safe to travel to MDH yet, can I start my programme via distance education?

On August 10, the university will publish which courses will be given at distance and on campus. Contact the international coordinator at your school to see which arrangements can be made for you.


Will you be arranging the Reception and Introduction days as per normal?

This autumn, we welcome all our students to our digital introduction. At August 20th, you will be able to share good and important information regarding your study time at MDH via short films. You will reach them at our website under “new student”.


How do I get access to my accommodation and where can I pick up my keys?

Please contact Bostad Västerås for all questions related to accommodation: https://www.bostadvasteras.se/en/external link