Peter Funk, Professor

Peter Funk is a Professor in Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science at Mälardalen University.

Peter received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh in 1998 funded by Wallenberg grant for higher education and Ericsson. He founded and is heading the Artificial Intelligence group since 2001. Peters and his research groups research in AI and machine was ranked as one of the most productive and successful AI groups in Sweden (place 6 amongst universities and institutes in Sweden) according to Sweden's innovation agency’s (Vinnova’s) governmental report of April 2018.

Peter has more than 100 scientific publication and more than 1700 citations. According to ResearchGate Peter is frequently the most downloaded researcher at the department and at occasional also the most cited researcher at Mälardalen University.

Peter received his PhD at Edinburgh University 1998, one of the top ranked university’s in the world and was the first university with a Artificial Intelligence department and a considerable number of world leading AI researchers come from the University of Edinburgh.

Peter is dedicated to perform both theoretical and applied research and use real problems as a driving force and motivator for new scientific research results and at the same time solving important challenges for industry, healthcare and business. Peter's previous work with R&D in the Computer Science department at Ericsson for more than 7 year (novel applications of artificial intelligence) before perusing his PhD in Edinburgh has given him a strong foundation in applied research.

Beside leading and participating in a large number of research projects in the medical, industrial and business area (funded by EU FP7, ITEA2, FFI, KKS, Vinnova, SSF and received granted for projects adding up to more than 10 M€). Peter is also active in numerous conferences, program committees, in Editorial board for high ranked international journals. Beside project leader of large national and international projects Peter is also expert advisor/strategist both for companies, industry, funding agencies and research projects (e.g. in the 4 M€ Vinnova project Citizen Communication Platform).

Peter has a long track record of helping both small innovative companies and large organizations to more efficiently use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here he uses his creativity and skill in seeing how research results can be adapted and used to solve their challenges in an efficient way, seeing novel and efficient solutions to tasks previously often believed to be too hard to solve using more traditional methods and techniques. Peter was the chair of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society 2006-2009. Peter is also frequently invited as member of examination boards and as speaker with audience up to thousand persons, both popular science and inspirational speeches, tailored speeches for industry and scientific talks.


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