The public defens of Lennart Haglund´s licentiate thesis

Doctoral thesis and Licentiate seminars

Datum: 2019-06-14
Tid: 10.15 - 13.00

The public defens of Lennart Haglund´s licentiate thesis "Business Relationships on the Swedish Electricity Market" will take place om Mälardalen University on June 14.

Title of the thesis: Business Relationships on the Swedish Electricity Market

Serial number: 279

The faculty examiner is Associate Professor Sabine Gebert Persson, Uppsala University and the examination committee consist of Professor Christina Öberg, Örebro University and Associate Professor David Sörhammar, Stockholm University.



In the early 1990s, the electricity market was deregulated in an effort to create competition and thereby greater freedom of choice and better prices for users. Since then, many new companies selling electricity (electricity trading companies) have been established, and today's market also offers a large range of services. In the industrial market, where companies buy electricity to a large extent to maintain production, knowledge from both parties is required. Consequently, the complexity of the business extends beyond competition by price. The thesis is based on a survey that clearly shows that electricity trading takes place in stable and long-term business relationships.

The implication is that in the Swedish electricity market, price competition can be of importance, but other factors such as trust in a partner, "knowing what one gets" are even more important. When a relationship has been created and deepened between the electricity trading company and the electricity customer, it is more difficult for competitors to be a "threat" for the electricity trading company.