About me

I am an associate professor in caring science at Mälardalen University. At MDH I have educated students in Caring Science in courses on basic-, advanced- and doctoral levels. My research as well as my teaching is mainly within mental health and psychiatric nursing and qualitative research methods.

I am a leader of a research group, Care, Recovery and Health, together with my colleague, Professor Margareta Asp. My main research interest is in Caring Science with a focus on psychiatric care, but I am also involved in research that involves various aspects of compassion for both self and others. I am also engaged in research that addresses different aspects of student learning. and have also worked with methodological development within narrative hermeneutics. I have also been a supervisor for four PhD-projects in Caring Science. 

In addition I am also employed as a professor at UiT/The Arctic University of Norway.

My background is as a registered nurse with specialist training in psychiatric nursing. I am also a licenced psychotherapist in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I have also been a supervisor for nursing staff and cognitive psychotherapists, both in clinical work and in different projects. Furthermore I have written and been an editor of several textbooks in caring science.

Networking and cooperation

Since 2015, I am chairman of the Swedish Academy of Caring Science (SACS) steering committee. SACS is a national network for collaboration between universities concerning issues about caring science in education and research. 

I am active in the Nordic College of Caring Science (NCCS), a society of researchers in caring science from the Northern countries. The society are owner of the scientific journal Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences

Psychiatric National Association's research network in psychiatric care. is a network of researchers related to the Swedish Society of Nursing’s section for psychiatric nursing.

Åbo Academy Postdoctoral Network in Caring Science, is a network for dialogue and research cooperation. 

With my appointment as a professor at UiT, the Norwegian University of Architecture, I also have collaboration on teaching and research with Norwegian colleagues.