About me – Inger K. Holmström

Inger K. Holmströms expert areas include person-centered care and communication. A specific focus is on telephone nursing, and during recent years also on communication within homecare for older persons. Another reserach area is questions related to gender and intersectionality in health care. She has expert knowledge within differnt qualitative approaches, but has also worked with communication analyses such as RIAS and VR-codes, and with intervention studies.

Inger K. Holmström, PhD, RN, professor in caring science.  She defended her PhD-thesis entitled Gaining professional competence for patient encounters by means of a new understanding in Health Services Research at Uppsala University in 2002. In 2005  The Swedish Research Council granted her a 4-year junior  research position for her research on developing telephone nurses pedagogical competence. She also became an associate professor in caring sciences at Uppsala university in 2005.  In 2009 she got another big grant from The Swedish Research Council for her study on developing telephone nurses gender competence. In 2011, she got a grant from AFA insurances  for her research on stress and patient safey in telephone nursing. During 2012-13  she wa a full professor in nursing at  Örebro University, and in 2013 she started working at Mälardalen University. Holmström has  supervised 8  PhD students and 1 licentiat student.  Currently, she is the main supervisor for 3 PhD students and co-supervisor for 2.  


Inger K Holmström  is involved in several projects, maily within the field of telephone nursing. The projects in this field include telepnone RN's work with frequent callers, sick leave questions and care on equal terms. She is also the Swedish PI for the international project COMHOME. The focus' of the project is person-centered communication within homecare for older persons. The project was granted 7,9 miljoner NOK  by the Norwegian Research Counc in 2013, with professor Hilde Eide as main applicant.