About me - Dara Rasoal

Dara Rasoal is a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare at Marlardalens University. He  has experience working in variety of settings in hospital and community healthcare in Sweden and Norway. He received his Bachelor and Master’s degree in healthcare science from University of Borås. He obtained a specialist qualification in operating room nursing in 2006. He also studied philosophy at Gothenburg University and Södertörn University. His specific interest in ethics originated from his clinical practice in hospital settings. Between 2011 and 2018 he worked as a lecturer at the School of Health and Medical Sciences at Örebro University. He joined the Nutrition and Physical Activity Research Centre (NUPARC) in January 2012 as a doctoral candidate. He was investigating ethical issues in healthcare settings.

Dara Rasoal’s current research focusses on people’s participation in paid work after retirement and on the implications of retirement patterns for health and wellbeing in later life. He collaborates with Loretta Platts and Hugo Westerlund at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University. It is a Forte-funded project to explore from quantitative and qualitative perspectives the nature of post-retirement work in Sweden, barriers to accessing post-retirement work, and what the implications of post-retirement work might be for gender, health and social inequalities in later life. 



Ph.D, Senior lecturer

School of Health, care and Social Welfare

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