About me

Licensed as psychologist in 1981 and working as psychologist a few years with individuals and families with social and psychological problems. Affiliated to the in Department of Psychology, Stockholm University between 1984 and 1997. Defended my PhD in 1990. During 1997- 2006 I was employed as researcher in the National Institute for Working Life.After that I got a position as full professor in Mälardalen University, Västerås.
During 2011-2012 I’ve also been a part-time guest professor in the department of Psychology Umeå University. In 2013 I received an opportunity to have the Leibnitz guest professorship in Leipzig University. In 2009 I was elected to become one out of two Swedish representatives in ENOP (European network of professors in Work and Organizational Psychology. www.enop.ee

 Since 2012 I’ve been chosen as Scientific advisor for the the Swedish association  of Psychology. Assignments as evaluator include applications for national funding organizations (FAS-FORTE), and both national and international evaluations of doctoral dissertations (e.g. Norway and Spain). For the EC, I was assigned to evaluated applications both as part of the 6th in 2006 and 7th frame work programs (2009)for research.

Research areas

Started with research about unemployment and mental health in my dissertation. Since then I’ve been occupied with various topics all related to the meaning of work e.g. during retirement, and in temporary work with insecure jobs. Employment contracts and psychological contracts (perception of obligations and entitlements as part of the employment relationship) have been focused in several projects. In the largest one I served as coordinator of a large international project with a grant from the EC, 5th framework program. Participants came from seven countries besides Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Israel. Outcomes of the project have been six PhD dissertations, a large number of articles in international journals and two books. A small Swedish follow-up was the RASK-project (Relationships and service climate in shops) 2007-2009.

Current research

In Mälardalen University I belong to a research profile “Health and welfare in the multicultural working life”. My teaching includes disciplinary responsibility for the psychology (quality of courses and research) but also the interdisciplinary Work Life Studies. Doctoral students doing their PhDs come from several disciplins psychology, sociology, public health , economics etc.

On-going research concerns two areas: Health promoting leadership and organizational identification. An international project with an external grant is the RE-SU-LEAD (REwarding and SUstainable health-promoting LEADership), an intervention study in cooperation with Tampere university Finland and Leipzig University in Germany. Web page: uta.fi/projects/resulead . This is a three year project which will finish in 2014.

The other externally financed project is called STOLT in Swedish (PROUD in English) and aims to highlight positive emotions at work as a result of identification with your team and with your organization.

A new recently started project is RESOURCE, a Nordic project with participant from four Nordic countries. The project is a pilot study with a small grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers and aims to review literature and prepare a European application about the relationship between resources at work (social and organizational) and how this affects job satisfaction and performance of workers. Furthermore we aim to identify methods related to HR-management and promoting both productivity and well-being at work.


I teach Psychology at all levels but my main teaching is in the masterprogram and the PhD-level in Work Life Studies.

Personal information

Married with two grown up daughters. Living in Stockholm and commute by train to Västerås or Eskilstuna. Other interests are opera and golf.