About the School

Welcome to the School of Health, Care and Social Welfare. The School does research and education that focuses on professions in the field of health, care and social welfare. We have 3 000 students who are studying Caring Science with specialization in Nursing, Health Care Education, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Public Health Sciences, Social Work, Sociology and/or Work Science.

At undergraduate level students are studying to become nurses, physiotherapists, scientists of public health, social scientists or trained social workers. We have educations on advanced level such as Midwifery program, several Specialist Nurse Educations, a Master programme in Leadership and Work Life Studies and a Master programme in Health and Care (given in English).

Mälardalen University received in June 2011 degree-awarding powers to start third-cycle courses and study programmes in the area Health and Welfare, which the School started in fall 2012.

The School has about 200 employees.

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