University Organisation

Mälardalen University is a government authority, directly subordinate to the government. The University Board is the University's supreme governing body and the Vice-Chancellor reports directly to the Board.



Mälardalen University organisation. The board is in the top, followed by the Vice-Chancellor and the Faculty board. Below the Vice-Chancellor are the Schools and the administration.


The University Management

The University Board is the University's supreme governing body.

The Vice-Chancellor, Paul Pettersson, is elected by the government and leads the University's activities. The Vice-Chancellor is also a member of the University Board.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Peter Gustafsson, is the Vice-Chancellor´s deputy.

The University Board



Faculty Board

The Faculty Board has overall responsibility for quality assurance in education and research at Mälardalen University. 

Faculty Board



Education and research take place at one of MDH's four Schools;

  • School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST)
  • School of Health, Care and Social Welfare (HVV)
  • School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT)
  • School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK)

Schools at Mälardalen University



The administration is a central organization that provides service functions to the university´s management and schools.