The Cooperation Council

The task of the Cooperation Council is to work comprehensively and strategically with joint university issues concerning cooperation. The Council is neither operative nor decision-making but instead constitutes a support for the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Group.

The Council convenes once a month, alternately in Eskilstuna and Västerås

Members of the Cooperation Council

Helena Jerregård Deputy Vice Chancellor, Chair
Thomas Wahl Head of School
Lotti Svebéus Fundraier
Yvonne Eriksson Head of External Cooperation at IDT
Tor Nilsson and Cecilia Vestman Head of External Cooperation respectively Head of School Administration at UKK
Christine Gustafsson Head of External Cooperation at HVV
Clara Brinck Representative of Mälardalens Student Union
Elisabet Christoffersson Administrative support
Anna Andersson Ax Project Coordinator