Management Office

The Management Office provides the university management with relevant documents in order for the management to make well-founded decisions.

The Management Office manages the following tasks:

  • Providing the university management and the faculty board with documents and support for board meetings.

  • Records managament and handling of inquiries made to the university.

  • Legal support, handling of contracts and legal processes within the university.

  • Quality monitoring by providing the management with documents aiming for quality improvement, and by participating in national quality evaluations.

  • Monitoring and analysing activities within the university using specific criteria.

  • Supporting the management in planing and managing the university and coordinating the university budget.

  • Coordinating international mobility programmes and international exchange agreements, and supporting the schools with internationalisation.

  • System support for Public360, MoveON, Survey&Report, ISP database, Klara and Electronic Archives.

Staff at the Management Office