Parking at MDH in Eskilstuna and Västerås

There are car parks adjoining the University's premises at the campus cities of Eskilstuna and Västerås. Please note that parts of the car park in Västerås are managed by the City of Västerås and other parts by Q-park, and therefore different parking receipts are required.

You can park here

You can park here at campus Eskilstuna

You can park here at campus Västerås

The car parks are for employees, students and visitors. In the campus area parking is permitted only on designated parking spaces, and prohibited elsewhere.

Parking permits   

Students and employees can obtain special parking permits enabling them to park more cheaply.  Students and staff collect their parking permits from the Student Centre. The parking permit is renewed for the start of each new semester.

Permits for environment vehicles to park free of charge do not apply at MDH; the ordinary parking fee is to be paid.

Parking for visitors

At both campus cities there are parking spaces for visitors. To park at these places a special permit, issued by the University's Student Centre, is required. Instructions as to where the permit is to be collected are posted at each car park. MDH issues permits for only one day at a time.

Parking for rental cars

From 1 June 2015, staff at MDH who use a rental car shall park it at the parking spaces for visitors. If you park it on a another space, you will be fined.


All parking places adjoining the University premises are chargeable all year round. In Västerås the car park is managed by the City of Västerås and Q-Park.  This means that there are two types of parking receipts. Please note that a ticket bought in the City of Västerås' machines is not valid for Q- park's places and vice versa.                                                                                                                                                                 

To pay a fee with a reduced charge if you have a parking permit, press the "Fordon med tillstånd" (Vehicles with permits) button before payment is made.

For you who wants to park on a monthly basis at the parking at Tullgatan in Eskilstuna, a monthly ticket for each month is the only ticket that is acceptable. You preorder these tickets from Q-park. You do that by sending an email to and state the following:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Mobile
  • Email address for invoice
  • Wished starting date for parking
  • Also state: Valsverket 3-5, Tullgatan 7-9
  • Attach a photo of a valid parking permit from MDH.

A monthly ticket with an unreserved parking space and no parking space guaranteed is 500 SEK.

For you who wants to park for a shorter period of time, you find information on tickets by the parking.

Do not forget to place your ticket, together with a valid parking permit, on the front windscreen of your car.

For questions, please contact Q-Park at: 0771-96 90 06.

Free parking in Västerås

There is a free car park at Blåsboskolan, ca 600 metres north of MDH along Vasagatan. Here no special parking permit is needed. You can park for maximum 24 hours at this car park.



Parking for disabled people

Parking spaces for disabled people are available are placed next to MDH's entrances. These spaces are free of charge provided you have a valid parking permit for disabled people.