We work at MDH

Here some of Mälardalen University's employees tell us what it's like to be an MDH-er.


Osman Aytar, Senior Lecturer

I have been working at MDH since 2007, when I defended my doctoral dissertation and completed a PhD degree in Sociology at Stockholm University. Over the years as an MDH member of staff, I have taken part in the development, teaching and management of first-, second- and third-level courses. I have also had several pedagogical assignments and managed projects and research courses in cooperation with the region, which has been enriching both in terms of research and in terms of pedagogy. The experience of MDH here can of course vary between people, but MDH has provided me with a social landscape of opportunity. I have been able to make myself heard in contexts relevant for me and my work. I have experienced openness and opportunity in terms of being able to influence problem-solving processes, take part in decision processes that have been characterised by an open-minded management and cooperative, engaged colleagues, and develop productive contacts with the region. All of these things taken together have allowed me not only to develop in terms of pedagogy, but also to make progress in my research without major external research funding.



Julia Mcnamara, Research and Education Officer

When I moved back to Västerås after living in Stockholm it was natural for me to keep my eyes on MDH. It’s with higher education questions I want to work and it’s quite simply here that I belong. I suppose I’m starting to become a higher education nerd.





Anne Söderlund, Professor and Dean

I’ve got to know so many people during my years here at MDH. I’ve got considerably more people in my life today and always have company for lunch at work. My impression is that I’m met by positive people all the time, which warms my heart.