Projektlista - samarbetspartner: IKERLAN S. COOP

  • The overall objective of this project is to research and develop a workflow to speed-up the software release of CPSoS in operation while guaranteeing its reliability.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Wasif Afzal

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

    Samarbetspartners: IKERLAN S. Coop, Mondragon University, Simula, Technische Universität Wien, Bombardier Transportation, Easy Global Market SAS, Orona, ULMA Embedded Solutions.

  • MegaM@Rt brings model-based engineering to the next level in order to help European industry reducing development and maintenance costs while reinforcing both productivity and quality.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Wasif Afzal

    Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova

    Samarbetspartners: AinaCom Oy, Åbo Akademi University, ARMINES - Association pour la Recherche et le Développement des Méthodes et Processus Industriels, Brno University of Technology - Vysoke uceni technicke v Brne, IKERLAN S. Coop., RISE, TEKNOLOGIAN TUTKIMUSKESKUS VTT, Universidad de Cantabria, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya FUNDACIO PER A LA UNIVERSITAT OBERTA DE CATALUNYA, University of L’Aquila, University of Pau, Atos Spain S.A., Bombardier Transportation, CAMEA, spol. s r.o., ClearSy System Engineering, Conformiq Software Oy, Fent Innovative Software Solutions, Intecs Informatica e Tecnologia del Software, Nokia, Ro Technology srl, Smartesting Solutions & Services, SOFTEAM, Space Systems Finland Ltd., TEKNE, Thales Group, Volvo Construction Equipment

  • VeriDevOps is about fast, flexible system engineering that efficiently integrates development, delivery, and operations, thus aiming at quality deliveries with short cycle time to address ever evolving challenges.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Olga Hendel

    Huvudfinansiering: European Commission Horizon 2020

    Samarbetspartners: Åbo Akademi University, ABB, IKERLAN S. COOP, FAGOR ARRASATE S COOP, MONTIMAGE EURL, SOFTEAM