Projektlista - samarbetspartner: Avionics Systems

  • The funding covers development of new advanced courses in year 4 and 5 using modern teaching theories for deeper learning and the development of an arrangement to provide students with research experience from real university led research projects.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Håkan Forsberg

    Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

    Samarbetspartners: Bombardier Transportation, Saab, Avionics Systems, Unibap, Volvo Construction Equipment

  • The ultimate goal of the DPAC profile is to establish a nationally leading and internationally renowned research centre that facilitate close cooperation between academia and industry to achieve a significant increase in research and available knowhow on advanced dependable platforms for embedded systems.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Kristina Lundqvist

    Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

    Samarbetspartners: ABB, Control Technologies, ABB Corporate Research, Alten Sverige, Arcticus Systems, Bombardier Transportation, Enea, Ericsson, Saab, Avionics Systems, Sensair, Unibap, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

  • DeepMaker aims to provide a framework to generate synthesizable accelerators of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) that can be used for different FPGA fabrics.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Masoud Daneshtalab

    Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

    Samarbetspartners: Saab, Avionics Systems, Unibap

  • In MOMENTUM we provide methods to analyse and optimise industrial models, defined in the Unified Modeling Language (UML), in order to make them directly compilable to optimised executables without intermediate translations to conventional programming languages.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Federico Ciccozzi

    Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

    Samarbetspartners: Alten Sverige, Saab, Avionics Systems

  • This project addresses design methods for the use of DNNs in airborne safety-critical systems.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Håkan Forsberg

    Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova

    Samarbetspartners: Saab, Avionics Systems

  • In Serendipity, we will develop new technologies and a platform for safetycritical connected cyberphysical systems that leverage existing techniques for dependable systems and augment them with scalable security solutions for open and heterogeneous systems.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Mikael Sjödin

    Huvudfinansiering: Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning

    Samarbetspartners: Saab, Avionics Systems, Volvo Construction Equipment

  • The TESTOMAT project will support software teams to strike the right balance by increasing the development speed without sacrificing quality.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Björn Lisper

    Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova, Itea3

    Samarbetspartners: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Bombardier Transportation, Empear, Ericsson, Saab, Avionics Systems, System Verification, Verifyter