Projektlista - huvudfinansiär: EU

  • The overall objective of this project is to research and develop a workflow to speed-up the software release of CPSoS in operation while guaranteeing its reliability.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Wasif Afzal

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

    Samarbetspartners: IKERLAN S. Coop, Mondragon University, Simula, Technische Universität Wien, Bombardier Transportation, Easy Global Market SAS, Orona, ULMA Embedded Solutions.

  • CAMI builds upon and move beyond the current state of the art of technologies to support rich human-computer interaction, intelligent context management, environment perception and reactive behavior.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Cristina Seceleanu

    Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova, EU

    Samarbetspartners: Aliviate Development ApS, CNet Svenska AB, ECLEXYS Sagl, European Citizens Open for evaluating novel Technology Opportunities for achieving Pervasive health and wellbeing in an Independent, Active and Sustainable life, IT Centre for Science and Technology, Knowledge Society Association, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

  • The overall objective is to create an understanding of the impact of design innovation policies by building frameworks and indicators to evaluate these actions both at a macro (regional, national, Eurupean) and micro (specific initiative, company) level.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Erik Bjurström

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

    Samarbetspartners: Politecnico Di Milano, University Of Lancaster, Confartigianato Lombardia, Munktell Science Park, Pro Design, The Work Foundation Landec

  • Forskningsprojektet syftar till att identifiera halonfria medel och undersöka deras brandbekämpningseffektivitet och släckningskoncentration.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

    Huvudfinansiering: EU Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2

    Samarbetspartners: London South Bank University, Cranfield University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

  • Syftet med projektet är att utveckla framtidens lösningar för hur industriprocesser och kraftverk ska optimeras och utförs inom ramen för EU Horizon 2020, programmet SPIRE-2 (Sustainable Process Industry Research).

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Erik Dahlquist

    Huvudfinansiering: EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE-2

    Samarbetspartners: Mälarenergi, SICS Swedish ICT - the Swedish institute of computer science, ABB, Billerud-Korsnäs, Bestwood, Tüpraş, Tieto, Fraunhofer institute, IDENER, MTT

  • ImmerSAFE is a four year (2018-2021) H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network that brings together 9 beneficiaries and 5 partner organizations from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Italy, and Switzerland, with the aim of training a new generation of multi-disciplinary experts, who have an understanding of the core imaging technologies, the requirements set to them by the safety-critical applications and who can account for the human user in the design of such systems.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Gunnar Widforss

    Huvudfinansiering: EU-projekt

    Samarbetspartners: Academy of the National Fire Corps (Istituto Superiore Antincendi), Accelopment Ag, Beneq Oy, MDH, NTNU, Tampere University, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre, University of Helsinki, University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, VTT Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Xylon D.O.O., Crosscontrol, Forum for Intelligent Machines Ry, Leonardo S.P.A.

  • Det svenska (MDH) delprojektet kommer att fokusera gymnasial utbildning inom området stöd och service till personer med intellektuell funktionsnedsättning (LSS verksamhet).

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Christine Gustafsson

    Huvudfinansiering: EU Central Baltic

  • Main objective of the proposed project is to develop and to validate a system for measurement and feedback of outcome quality in the field of postoperative pain.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Peter Funk

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

    Samarbetspartners: Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Universitetssjukhuset Örebro, University of Jena

  • The Q-ImPrESS project is set to run for three years and aims to bring service orientation to critical application domains, such as industrial production control, telecommunication and critical enterprise applications, where guaranteed end-to-end quality of service is particularly important.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Ivica Crnkovic

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

  • The aim of the research programme is to advance the state of the art and practice in predictable realtime and Internet networking and training of early stage researchers to prepare them for careers in advanced technical development and research.

    Projektansvarig vid MDH: Hans A Hansson

    Huvudfinansiering: EU

    Samarbetspartners: ABB, Ericsson, Mallorca WiFi, TTTech Computertechnik, Technische Universität Wien, Volvo Construction Equipment