POET Sweden

The Swedish part of POET programme is located within the School of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University. Mälardalen University has long experience of interaction between academia and the community at large, as well as a good understanding of research and innovation politics.

In the research and education strategy 2009-2012, Mälardalen University substantiates its role in the academic landscape: in co-production with stakeholders in the university’s surrounding world, both locally and globally, produce and develop knowledge for sustainable growth and use. The School at MDU offers incoming personnel work places, access to IT and the university library and opportunities to take part in the research environment, including seminars and lectures.

POET Sweden are running two country projects funded by the Swedish Research Council. The first, Borderlands, Bridges and Rites of Passage – Understanding Children’s Learning Journeys from Preschool into School (2012-2015), has the aim to deepen our understanding of children’s learning journeys from preschool into school, recognising their diverse abilities and experiences, and to examine the long term implications of educational practices across the transitions for children’s learning and participation.

The design includes ethnographic field studies; additional interviews with teachers and principals; and, learning journey interviews with children, parents and teachers. A corresponding research project is run by the POET member Sally Peters and her colleagues in New Zealand.

The second project funded by the research council, Understanding Children’s Learning Journeys from Preschool into Special School – Children with Learning Disabilities (2013-2016), is closly connected to the first one with a special focus on children with learning disabilities.