POET Scotland

The School of Education at University of Strathclyde is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Research leadership and knowledge exchange are both highly valued, with a focus on applied educational research. An active Research Office and participation in the new Scottish Doctoral Training Centre attends to the needs and support of researchers and PhD students.

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Department provides support for funding applications, information on synergy possibilities and pursues internationalisation as a priority. The University Strategic Plan 2011-2015 advocates for enhanced international research recognition and reputation, generated through increased involvement in internationally recognised institutional groups; strategic research collaborations …increased international collaboration with strong research groups and universities. Incoming staff will be supported by an excellent working environment, future facing IT services and library access. 

The Scottish country project is entitled Transitions as a Tool for Change. Transitions may be viewed as problematic or as opportunities for dynamic and positive change. The aim of the Scottish country project is to capitalize on the positive view by exploring the relationship of three strands of enquiry through three funding streams: 

1) practitioner preparation and threads of thinking about the impact of their own professional learning on educational transitions;

2) children’s transition trajectories; and

3) the ways in which the transitions families and children go through in the first years of a child’s life can foster parental engagement with their own and their child’s education.

Our interdisciplinary team will link these strands to generate new understandings about professional training, early childhood curriculum, family inter-generational participation, transitions capital, gender in education, diversities and relationships to early childhood policy.


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