POET Iceland

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education is located within the Education Research Institute, School of Education, at the University of Iceland.

It is active in promoting the university strategic plan to increase research quantity and quality through collaboration with the leading universities and university departments in the world through student and teacher exchange programs, new positions for visiting scholars, joint PhD degrees and support of joint research projects.

The centre aims to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between researchers and individuals dealing with policy and practice. In addition, the research centre disseminates research results through publications, conferences, and meetings. Supportive partners of the research centre are the Ombudsman for Children, The Icelandic Teachers’ Union, and Reykjavík Preschools. The research centre brings together researchers and professionals in early childhood education committed to raising the quality of the field in order to enhance children’s lives. University support for visiting scholars includes provision of work space, IT/library access and on-campus accommodation.

The Iceland country project is entitled Continuity of policy and practice: Its overall aim is to map and understand the pedagogies of preschools and primary schools following publication of respective national curricula with philosophical and pedagogical bases that seem quite different from each other. The work will involve document analysis of the curriculum frameworks for preschools and primary schools and data gathering with teachers and children in 20 preschools and 20 primary schools. Focus group interviews will be conducted with the teachers about their views on the curriculum, pedagogy, beliefs and transition and child-friendly methods such as drawings and conversations with the children will be employed.