M-TERM - Mälardalen University Team of Educational Researchers in Mathematics

M-TERM is engaged in research in mathematics education. Our research deals with investigations and interventions in mathematics classrooms from pre-school class to university level. We aim at integrating applied problems with theoretical work. Thus our activities span from developing teaching practices together with teachers and municipalities to elaborations of theoretical approaches for conceptualizing mathematical classrooms.

Five senior researchers and six doctoral students constitute the core of the group and are engaged in two major research programmes:

- Effective mathematics education in Sweden, Finland, Flanders and US,

- Establishing high-quality mathematics classroom teaching at scale

Within the first programme we engage in several projects including: Supportive curriculum material in educational systems; Educating prospective teachers in Sweden and Finland; Effective classrooms in Sweden, Finland, Flanders and US.

Within the second programme projects include: Teaching mathematics through problem solving; The design of supporting artefacts for mathematics teachers; conceptualizing and measuring large-scale improvements of high-quality mathematics teaching.

There is a close collaboration between researchers within the two programmes and some projects constitute part of both programmes.

Much of the research of M-TERM is conducted in collaboration with other researchers. Partnerships in Sweden include Umeå University, Stockholm University, and Örebro University. International collaborations during last years are University of Oxford and University of Cambridge (UK), University of Helsinki (Finland), and University of Pennsylvania.