Count with Västerås (RäV)

Count with Västerås is a long-term and large-scale research-based project which aims to improve the in-class teaching in Mathematics in Västerås schools.

Between 2012 and 2015, the city of Västerås and Mälardalen University will collaborate in a cooperative project to formulate a holistic view of the teaching of Mathematics in the municipality of Västerås, and thereby be able to supply the required conditions for teachers to be able to support students in developing knowledge in Mathematics.

The project includes the long-term establishment of structures, positions, routines and qualifications development programmes for managers, headmasters, Mathematics developers, Mathematics mentors, subject coordinators, and teachers. There is a special focus on developing tools as support for teachers when planning, carrying out, and evaluating fruitful in-class teaching in cooperation with colleagues. Mathematics through problem-solving and Formative teaching are two integrated main parts of the project where the basic idea is that teaching aims to build on and develop the students’ mathematical thinking through the teacher assuming an active role in acting in a goal-oriented manner both in and out of class.

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