Below you will find short descriptions of the members.


Andreas Ryve

Professor in mathematics education and director of M-TERM as well as a professor at University of Östfold, Norway. My research is focused on the development and conceptualization of improving mathematics education at scale mathematics, the positioning of teachers in classrooms and national discourses, and development of analytical approaches for studying whole-class discourses. I am the PI of several large research projects related to these research interests.

See further: Andreas Ryve Andreas Ryve

Maria Larsson

PhD in mathematics education and senior lecturer at Mälardalen University. My research interest primarily concerns the teacher's role in mathematics classroom interaction, in particular teaching mathematics through problem solving. In my dissertation, I focused on challenges and support for the teacher in orchestrating productive whole-class discussions based on students' ideas to a mathematical problem. Currently, I focus on how teachers handle student errors that arise and how the teachers' actions in the classroom might be coupled to their beliefs. I lead this project within the larger research project name led by Andreas Ryve. Within this research group, I am also part of another project focusing on the introduction of mathematical tasks and have been part of a project on how curriculum materials can support teachers’ collective learning. In addition to my research I am responsible for the mathematics education in teacher programmes at Mälardalen University. I was also responsible for the development of the problem-solving module for grade 7-9 teachers in the national-wide Swedish professional development Boost for Mathematics and have authored the book 32 rich problems in mathematics.

Jannika Lindvall

PhD in mathematics education and senior lecturer in the School of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University. Previously, I have also worked in the municipality of Västerås with questions related to school development, mainly in mathematics education. My research interests include professional development (PD) for teachers. More specifically, my work concentrates on program theory of teacher PD programs including: (a) PD programs’ action models, such as critical features of high quality teacher PD programs, (b) PD programs’ change models, which describe the processes expected to happen in order to attain the goals of the PD, and (c) methodological issues related to measurements and evaluations of the effects of teacher PD implemented on a larger scale. 

Hendrik Van Steenbrugge

Senior lecturer. After completing a teacher education program (grades 1-6) at Ghent College of Higher Education and a master in educational sciences at Ghent University, I received a PhD from Ghent University in Educational Sciences with a focus on mathematics education. 

My research interests relate to: 

  • Teachers’ use of mathematics curriculum resources; 
  • The understanding of teaching as a cultural activity; 
  • Students’ mathematical reasoning.

The Math 3C project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, of which I am one of the PI’s, together with Janine Remillard (University of Pennsylvania), Heidi Krzywacki (Mälardalen University and University of Helsinki) and Kirsti Hemmi (Åbo Akademi University and Uppsala University), combines the first two research interests and focuses on teachers’ use of digital resources in the educational contexts of Sweden, Flanders, the U.S., and Finland. 

I am also involved in the project “Theorizing teacher use of curriculum resources in classroom practices”, led by Andreas Ryve; the development of a grade 1-3 mathematics curriculum program, led by Andreas Ryve and Fredrik Blomqvist; the ICUBiT project led by Janine Remillard (University of Pennsylvania) and Ok-Kyeong Kim (Western Michigan University), and the LICR project led by Johan Lithner (Umeå University).

I am the co-supervisor of Tuula Koljonen and Daniel Brehmer and teach in mathematics courses, primarily in the F-3 and 4-6 teacher education program.

Kimmo Eriksson

Professor of mathematics/applied mathematics. I am active in both mathematical and behavioural research. Within the psychology of mathematics I have studied such things as usage of approximating expressions, effects of stereotype threat on math performance, and intuitions about probability. Among my co-authors are psychologists David Geary (Missouri) and Torun Lindholm (Stockholm). Within the field of mathematics education I have supervised the theses of Andreas Ryve (PhD 2006) and Hillevi Gavel (licentiate thesis 2005).

Andreas Bergwall

Andreas Bergwall, doctoral student in mathematics/applied mathematics with orientation towards didactics of mathematics. My research concerns how proof-related competencies are conceptualized in research frameworks and dealt with in curricula and textbooks for upper secondary school. Other fields of interest are effective teaching, frameworks for teacher knowledge and teacher education. My supervisors are Andreas Ryve and Kimmo Eriksson. I combine my doctoral studies with a position as lecturer in mathematics at Örebro University.

Daniel Brehmer

Doctoral student in mathematics education. My doctoral study concerns analyses of mathematical textbooks (and national tests) for upper secondary school in Sweden, with focus on what types of reasoning are needed for solving different types of tasks. My aims are to compare different textbooks and textbooks to national tests. I work together with my supervisors Andreas Ryve, Hendrik van Steenbrugge, Jannika Lindvall and Eva Insulander.

Patrik Gustafsson

Doctoral student in mathematics education. My doctoral study concerns development of formative teaching with support of ICT. The aim of the study is to establish and iteratively develop and validate design principles for questions that support formative teaching with digital response system. I work together with my supervisors Andreas Ryve and Per Sund.

Malin Hagström        

Malin Hagström, works as a university lecturer at Örebro University and is a doctoral student in mathematics/applied mathematics with orientation towards didactics of mathematics at Mälardalens Högskola. My main interest lies in understanding what impact School Based Teacher Education (SBTE) has on students in our teacher education and I hope that we will be able to compare this part of their education with equivalent parts of teacher education in Finland. My supervisor is Andreas Ryve.

Tuula Koljonen

Doctoral student in mathematics education. My doctoral study concerns curriculum materials for year 6 that are commonly used in the contemporary schools in both Sweden and Finland and the opportunities they may create in supporting mathematics teachers in planning, implementing and reflecting upon their classroom teaching in mathematics. The research group of M-TERM and the graduate school of Developing Mathematics Education (DME) makes it viable for me to work together with two other doctoral students where we are able to collection larger amount of data about curriculum materials and teacher learning. My supervisors are Andreas Ryve, Paul Andrews and Hendrik van Steenbrugge at Stockholm University.

Anna Östman

Doctoral student in mathematics education. My doctoral study concerns teachers’ actions in classroom practices in primary school. I work together with my supervisors Andreas Ryve and Maria Larsson

In addition, Ola Helenius, Eva Insulander and Corrado Matta are financed and work within research projects within M-TERM.