The School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK) at Mälardalen University is conducting nationally and internationally established research in the subject Mathematics/Applied mathematics.

The research environment Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is divided in four groups which are conducting research and education in mathematcs and its applications:

  • Stochastic processes, Statistics and Financial Engineering
  • Discrete mathematics and modelling of behaviour and culture,
  • Engineering Mathematics,
  • Algebra and Analys with applications

Within the subject of Mathematics/Applied mathematics research is conducted on


• Mathematical statistics, stochastic processes and financial mathematics,
• Engineering Mathematics,
• Discrete mathematics and game theory,
• Mathematical analysis and functional analysis,
• Algebra,
• Applied matrix analysis, operator analysis and operator algebra
• Non-commutative analysis and geometry,
• Dynamical Systems,
• Mathematical learning theory,
• Optimization and operations research
• Mathematics Education

and applications of mathematics in

• Embedded systems, robotics, computer science, information and communication technology
• Health technologies, medical technologies and bioinformatics
• Finance and Economics
• Physics and related sciences
• Energy, environment and optimization of resources