Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics is a research group within the research environment MAM

Engineering Mathematics research group has been built since May 2011 around Professor Sergei Silvestrov , scientific research leader for mathematics and applied mathematics research environment MAM at Mälardalen University.

The focus of the group's activities is the development of research and postgraduate education in applied mathematics in several areas important for the development of modern contemporary and future technologies:

  • network analysis, ranking and classification of big data, mathematics behind the internet, information technology, biomathematics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, text mining, machine learning, graph theory and probability theory methods for analysis of data.
  • computational mathematics, numerical analysis, interpolation and approximation theory and optimization
  • matrix analysis and algebra with applications
  • differential equations and difference equations with applications
  • mathematics in industry

and development of relevant areas of applications in science and technology through interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers and research groups in other subjects at other universities and research institutes in Sweden and abroad, collaboration with companies and participation in national and international networks on applications of mathematics in particular

  • computer science, information technology, communication technology, embedded systems, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • physics, electrical engineering and electromagnetism
  • bioinformatics, ecology and biology, medicine and health technology

The group's research is successfully published as peer-reviewed articles in international journals and international conference collections, book chapters and books, and is presented with lectures at international conferences, workshops and seminars and is cited internationally. The group contributes in a significant way to postgraduate education in mathematics / applied mathematics at Mälardalen University and the internationalization in mathematics / applied mathematics in research, education and external collaboration. Several doctoral students supervised by the group have already achieved a doctoral degree or a licentiate degree in mathematics / applied mathematics within the group's specializations at the Mälardalen University since 2011 and several current doctoral students are well on their way to defense in the coming years. The group also actively contributes to the development of internationalization and research-based undergraduate education in mathematics and applied mathematics primarily through an international master's program in engineering mathematics started in autumn 2012 and a new Swedish bachelor's program in engineering mathematics started in autumn 2016, and through the development of interdisciplinary and external collaboration in engineering mathematics programs courses, student projects and degree projects with companies. The group's researchers teach mathematics for students in other engineering programs at Mälardalen University and collaborates with researchers and teachers in other subjects and companies. The group also through its competencies and activities has been successful in linking external funds for research and postgraduate education in mathematics / applied mathematics via interdisciplinary and external collaborations and international projects and networks in a way enriching and strengthening quality assurance for the entire activities of the mathematics research environment MAM at Mälardalen University in Västerås.