Algebra and Analysis with Applications (AAA)

The research group in Algebra and Analysis at Mälardalen University conducts research on non-commutative and non-associative algebras, representation theory, matrix analysis, operator theory, operator algebras, non-commutative analysis, non-commutative geometry, dynamical systems, complex analysis, functional analysis, differential equations and difference equations as well as applications of these areas of modern Mathematics in Physics, Robotics, Ecology and Computer Science.

Members of the group Algebra, Analysis and Applications (AAA)

Professor, Dr Sergei Silvestrov ,

Dr Linus Carlsson,

Dr Erik Darpö,

Dr Lars Hellström,

Dr. Daniel Andren,

Dr. Richard Bonner,

Dr. Maciej Sikorski,

Dr. Lars-Göran Larsson,

Prof. Dr. Shailendra Mishra, (professor, extern)

Vinod Parajuli (researcher, extern)