Stochastic methods applied to condensed matter physics

MAM intensive research course for PhD students and researchers.
MAM research frontier lecture series.

Lecture 1-2 September 24, Tuesday

Lecture 1. 16.15-17.00,

Coffee break, 17.00-17.10

Lecture 2. 17.10-18.00

Location: U3-083 (Hilbert room), UKK, Västerås, Mälardalen University


Professor em Richard Kerner,

Laboratoire De Physique Théorique De La Matière Condensée,

Sorbonne-Université, Paris, France

and Physics, University of Paris-VI


Stochastic methods applied to condensed matter physics

Agglomeration models applied to fullerenes and glasses will be presented in the first lecture.

Stochastic matrix methods with some applications to biology will be considered in the second lecture.

Recommended references: 

R Kerner, G.G. Naumis, Stochastic matrix description of the glass transition, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 12 (8), 1641 G.G. Naumis, R Kerner, Stochastic matrix description of glass transition in ternary chalcogenide systems, Journal of non-crystalline solids 231 (1-2), 1998, 111-119

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