Interpolation: Theory and some Applications

MAM research frontier lecture series in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at The School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK), Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden.

Research mini-course "Interpolation: Theory and some Applications" by Professor em Natan Kruglyak from Linköping University

October 16, 2017, Monday, 15.15-17.00

Location: U2-158, Västerås, UKK, Mälardalen University

Speaker: Professor em Natan Kruglyak, Linköping University

(MAM host is Professor  Sergei Silvestrov )


Interpolation: Theory and some Applications


During the first lecture I will give an introduction to the interpolation theory, discuss its history, main theorems and classical applications. Then I will focus on real interpolation, its connections with approximation theory, discuss recent results on interpolation of Fredholm operators and (if I have enough time) applications to image processing.