Graded and non-associative algebras and their applications in physics

MAM intensive research course for PhD students and researchers.
MAM research frontier lecture series.

September 25,Wednesday,

Lecture 1-2: 15.15-17.00, 

Coffee break, 17.00-17.10

Lecture 3: 17.10-18.00

Location: U3-083 (Hilbert room), Västerås, Mälardalen University


Professor em Richard Kerner,

Laboratoire De Physique Théorique De La Matière Condensée, Sorbonne-Université, Paris, France
and Physics, University of Paris-VI



Z3-Graded and non-associative algebras and their applications in physics

The first lecture will be an introduction to Z3-graded generalizations of Grassmann and Clifford algebras. The second one will be devoted to Z3-graded generalization of exterior calculus in differential geometry. The third one will be devoted to physical applications: generalized gauge theories, generalized Pauli's principle, generalized Lorentz algebra.


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