Implementering av utbildning för hållbar utveckling

Relationen mellan normstödjande strukturer och studerandes moraliska lärande vid implementering av utbildning för hållbar utveckling.

The aim of this project is to (expand and deepen the scientific knowledge base for the improvement of implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) and the national reward for ESD. This will be accomplished by studies of schools where the process of implementation of ESD is advanced. In these studies we will use and combine theories, perspectives and methods primarily from two scientific fields, namely Norm science and Environmental Education research.

The project consists of two intimately entwined sub studies. The first sub study is made from an agent- and organisation perspective and describes, analyses and categorises the norm supportive structures that have been developed at the investigated schools. This will be carried out by in-depth interviews with local key persons and analyses of local curriculum documents. The second sub study is made from an educational practice perspective and investigates teachers’ actions and students’ learning processes in the classrooms with specific focus on moral learning. The study will use video and sound recordings of educational activities specifically haracteristic for the way the studied schools implement ESD. A central purpose of the project is to relate the sub studies to each other in order to identify the relation between norm structures on an agent-organisation level and moral learning processes in the classrooms.