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100 års diskursmarkörer Sold Eva Sundgren MDH
Animal and Environmental Agency in American Literary Naturalsim Sold Karin Molander Danielsson MDH
Nature and depictions of nature in German Travel Writing Sold Thorsten Päplow MDH
Care and exploitation Sold Magnus Jansson MDH
Communicative patterns in Sweden Swedish and Finland Swedish Sold Marie Nelson Vetenskapsrådet
Context and cooperation MNT - Vetenskapsrådet
DIMuL Sold Annaliina Gynne Vetenskapsrådet
Dyslexia, learning and teaching in higher education Sold Karin Taube Vetenskapsrådet
English as a Foreign Language for Young Learners in Sweden Sold Karin Molander Danielsson, Thorsten Schröter MDH
Interaction in Writing as a way to approach reading Sold Håkan Landqvist MDH
In dialogue with nature– Sara Kirsch Sold Sture Packalén MDH
National tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry MNT Per Sund Vetenskapsrådet
New upper-secondary programs in English: focus on student motivation and language use Sold Thorsten Schröter Samhällskontraktet
Pedagogies of Educational Transitions POET Anders Garpelin EU
Social dimensions in the leisure time centre: staff's perspectives BUSS Kristina Jonsson Swedish Research Council
Students’ writing in science Sold Birgitta Norberg Brorsson EU
The primary purpose of the project Teachers' practices online/offline (LOOP) is to study similaritie BUSS Annaliina Gynne Region Västmanland
The Extrovert Self Sold Ingemar Haag, Dan Landmark Vetenskapsrådet
The Nature of Humanity: Posthumanist Perspectives in Contemporary Scandinavian Novels Sold Marie Öhman Vetenskapsrådet
The implementation of education for sustainable development MNT Per Sund Vetenskapsrådet
The importance of learning environments for children's reading and writing development BUSS Susanna Andersson MDH
Äldres berättande Sold Eva Sundgren MDH