Innovation Gym

The Innovation Gym research group focuses on the innovatory skills of individuals and organisations and the ability to cooperate in innovation processes in which several actors cooperate and co-produce.

Specifically this means  staff involvement innovation, or “workplace innovation” in the early phases of the innovation process, from the formulation of possibilities/problems to the design of concepts. The research is inspired by intradisciplinary theories from education and sociology, but is specifically based on theories concerning innovation development, creativity, business intelligence, leadership theory and organisational learning with the purpose of studying, for example, requirements in the form of skills, leadership and organisational structure for a distributed and resource-effective innovation process which leads to the production of a concept. Today’s focus on creating innovations allows a broad area of applications for both research and first-cycle studies within the field of innovation management, in which applications within the area of product-, service- and production development creates good opportunities of integration with the other two divisions in IPR.

Ongoing just now:

  • Where is the first gym going to be placed?
  • Culture and space for innovation – ongoing course
  • Development of the contents in the gym
  • Applications for research funding