Embedded Systems

Embedded systems is the most research-intensive in Mälardalen University and national leader in research in embedded systems. Research is organized in six focus areas with a total of 14 research groups.

Embedded systems has a primary focus on embedded software and the research ranks internationally among the best in the world. The goal is to provide research excellence making it possible for the industry to take advantage of the opportunities offered by programmable products and production systems. ES also conducts research in the areas of artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, robotics and wireless communications. Research is userdriven and focused on mobile, intelligent sensor systems that will lead to increased safety and efficiency in business and healthcare.

In the research field of embedded systems are 25 professors, about 50 senior researchers (associate professors/lecturers), about 70 graduate students and a dozen lecturers.

Research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Real-time systems
  • Software engineering
  • Dependable systems
  • Verification and validation
  • Sensor systems and health
  • Robotics and avionics

Research groups:

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