Political Science

Researchers in Political Science study how industrial renewal is managed by the political system. This includes the relation among the state and organised interests such as organisations representing private business and trade union organisations. In particular, processes of decorporatisation in Sweden as well as political decision-making during economic crises in Sweden have been studied. These studies have been informed by corporatism theory as well as by various theories about decision-making, i.e. rational choice theory and the garbage can model of organisational decision-making.    


The political scientists have also studied implementation on the local level of public policy aimed at industrial renewal. Empirically, various studies have been conducted in the context of sustainable development of cities in Swedish municipalities. As theoretical basis, these studies have utilised the Institutional Analysis and Development framework (IAD).

Researchers and teachers

Axberg  Mikael  Senior Lecturer  
Fell  Terence  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Johansson  Joakim  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Lahdenperä Jori Research Assistant Publications in DiVA
Qaderi Josef Research Assistant Publications in DiVA