Accounting and Commercial Law


Research in Accounting focus on assessments made in financial reporting, at present through a research program intended to generate empirically and theoretically based knowledge about the possibility of establishing a robust financial reporting of intangible resources and assets, and another aimed at bringing to life and shedding light on the importance of the financial statements and income tax of events after the reporting period.

Research in Management Accounting and Control focuses on economic assessments and judgments, the management of capital investments, resource allocation and accounting history.

Researchers in accounting also conduct research on new ventures, support to new firms, and economic aspects of computers software development.

Researchers and teachers

Alpe Lise-Lott Lecturer  
Andersson Mona Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Boström Staffan Visiting Teacher  
af Burén Anna Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Carlsson Leif Visiting Teacher  
Frost Krister Visiting Teacher  
Gustafsson Kjell Lecturer  
Janze Per Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Johanson Ulf Professor emeritus Publications in DiVA
Lehtisalo Riitta Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Pettersson Ulla Visiting Teacher  
Schiller Stefan Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Segelod Esbjörn Professor Publications in DiVA
Ståhlros Leif Senior Lecturer  
Truedsson Jonas Lecturer  

Programmes and projects

Accounting for intangible resources and assets (IRA) Research project
Computer software development in industrial networks Research project
Effects of regional innovation systems in new corporate survival, profitability and growth Research project
Events after the reporting period - What significance do they play for the financial statements and for income taxation? Research project
Forecasting biases and their consequences for the assessment of investments Research project
Economic aspects of computer software development Research programme
Support to new firms Research programme