Project organising – organising projects



This is a collection of projects with the overall aim of developing knowledge about projects as forms of working and forms of organising in various organisations.


To organize activities in projects is a form of organizing that has become increasingly more popular and is prevalent in most organizations today. Researchers propose that this trend of “projectification” may be explained by the project carrying a strong promise of being flexible, efficient and result oriented.

The phenomenon of projects has not been the subject of much theorizing though. The attempts that have been made to “rethink project management” are disperse and incoherent and to alarge extent, research on projects still relies on the theory of the temporary organization developed in the mid 1990’s by Scandinavian researchers who proposed that projects are different compared to other forms of organizations.

Focus in the projects

“Project organising – organising projects” is a research program in which several projects aim at developing knowledge about projects as forms of working and forms of organising in various organisations. The research projects are

  • projectification of academic work (Angelina Sundström and Anette Hallin)
  • division of labour and responsibility in projects (Eva Maaninen-Olsson and Anette Hallin)
  • knowledge and learning in and between projects (Eva Maaninen-Olsson)
  • the project as a temporary form of organising (Anette Hallin)
  • project leadership, projects and process ontology (Lucia Crevani och Anette Hallin).