Industrial marketing, Business networks, and International business are dominating research areas in the scholarly efforts of the marketing group. Particularly through bringing into focus the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the surrounding environment (institutions, competitive characteristics, network complexity, etc.) in which the focused business relationship exists, this research group extends the business network theory, both theoretically and in relation to society at large and business firms in the region.

Research in Marketing focuses on how ICT is used in business relationships and how this technology drives industrial renewal, in terms of both structural and behavioral change. This field of research includes the role of ICT in innovation and entrepreneurship, the understanding of how different actors connect, how introducing ICT influences the activities in the business relationships and how the opportunities provided by ICT also (simultaneously) pose challenges for companies in terms of consumers’ increasing demands for interactivity, access and information transparency. By acknowledging the need for a shift in focus – from one of marketing and communication to consumers, towards one of marketing and communication with consumers – research synthesising system-based theories of business networks, consumer culture theory and service-dominant logic is consequently important to deepen our knowledge of the ICT-infused marketing process. Research efforts to integrate the network approach with traditional consumer marketing areas, such as service-dominant logic, consumer culture theory, and the use of mobile and web applications for the reduction of energy consumption is also ongoing in cooperation with researchers from University of Richmond (USA). In parallel with this project another project focuses on the role of IT suppliers for company competitiveness.

A very promising research project is positioned at the intersection of international business and industrial marketing when trying to describe and understand how Swedish manufacturing firms offshore their software development to foreign countries and how this process results in new interdependencies and interfaces between earlier proximate activities. The design of such offshore projects has far-reaching consequences for firm performance, future development and renewal, none the least as different distances, e.g. geographic and institutional, affect these processes. Another project does research on emerging markets and their role in the global economy. This group, led by Dr. Khan, is developing a research center with collaboration partners in Europe, Pakistan, India, China and the US dealing with research questions such as profit by exploitation, the implications of corruption for different stakeholders, human rights violations, lack of democracy and lack of good governance in the sourcing industry, and the question whether the sourcing models are sustainable or if there should be alternative business models.

Research within the IB area focuses on how internationalisation, re-configuration of activities, and knowledge governance and transfer in MNEs influence industrial renewal. The studies of subsidiary external embeddedness and development, utilising business network theory, have brought the importance of the external environment for the strategy and management of the multinational enterprise (MNE) to the surface. Recent developments in this area have recognised the different characteristics of the environment, in which the external relationship between host country subsidiary and its business partners influences the embeddedness strategies of the subsidiary. There are several research projects run in collaboration with scholars from National University of Ireland Galway and Dublin Institute of Technology regarding the renewal and vitalisation of industrial clusters and the strategic activity of MNC middle, i.e. subsidiary general, managers.

The research group aims at publishing the results of their research efforts in international peer reviewed journals of the highest standing, presenting the results of the research at global conferences, and becoming a viable speaking partner to the business community and multinational enterprises within the region.

Researchers and teachers

R Andersson  Ulf  Professor Publications in DiVA
Björkvall  Joacim  Lecturer  
Dahlin  Peter  Postdoctoral Fellow Publications in DiVA
Le Duc  Michaël  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Edlund  Charlotta  Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Ekman  Peter  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Erixon  Cecilia  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Haglund  Ingemar  Lecturer Publications in DivA
Haglund  Lennart  Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Hallén  Lars  Professor Emeritus Publications in DiVA
Jie Löwgren Josefina Visiting Teacher  
Johansson  Björn  Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Khan  Sikander  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Larsson  Toon  Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Lindh  Cecilia  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Lundberg  Madeleine  Lecturer  
Maaninen-Olsson  Eva  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Röndell  Jimmie  Lecturer Publications in DiVA
Selegård  Peter  Senior Lecturer Publications in DiVA

Programmes and projects

Coordinating the Global Firm Research project
Green e-service development for real estate companies Research project