HV3D Assistive technology and welfare technology in 3 dimensions

The overarching aim of the project is to work out a model for decision support for health and welfare organizations when planning to implement health and welfare technology. The overarching model will show that a form of health and welfare technology and welfare technology solution provides XX possible qualitative, quantitative effects. The model will in practical use within the county councils and municipals describe expected or achieved effects of specific health and welfare technology solutions on an individual level, organizational level and the community level (economy) the introduction of a. 
Simply HV3D will answer the following questions: 
  • What is the cost of implementing new tools and welfare technology in health care and how these can be calculated?
  • How should organizations / structures look to for the best results in the introduction of new aids and welfare technology?
  • What gives these facilities and welfare technology for individual values to the users (patients / users, relatives and staff) in terms such as safety, activity, independence, function, participation, quality of life and well-being?

Project period: 2016-09-01-2020-08-31.
Primary funding organisation: SKL, The Social Contract and Regional Council of Sörmland.