Care, Recovery & Health (CaReH)

Research focus

The research is dedicated to the development and implementation of scientific knowledge about how different forms of care can contribute to people’s recovery and health.  In our research the concepts care, recovery and health are approached in a wide sense. This opens for different perspectives in various research projects, and thus also for interdisciplinary research. A joint starting point is the ambition to understand the unique person and find ways to support people's personal resources. In addition to research that develops knowledge of care, recovery and health, our research also focuses on how this knowledge can be communicated and implemented within healthcare and social work. The research profile is therefore in the intersection between health research and welfare research.
As the members of the research group represents both caring sciences and social work, research questions can be highlighted from multiple scientific perspectives by means of different scientific methods. 


The goal of the group's scientific work is to produce knowledge that can provide the basis for the development of health care and social care for vulnerable and exposed people.


In current research projects there are elements of co-production with different units in Södermanland County Council , FoU-centrum (Centre for Clinical Research / Uppsala University) Eskilstuna municipality , and Västmanland County Council .