Behavioral medicine, health and lifestyle (BeMe-Health)

Research focus

A multidisciplinary behavioral medicine approach to health and healthy lifestyle is based on the integrated knowledge of human behavior in functioning, activity, and participation, to understand health and health related behavior change. This approach harmonizes with the biopsychosocial paradigm. Knowledge of interactive communication in behavioral modification is important for the research field. The behavioral medicine approach focuses on biomechanical, physiological, pathological, psychological, and contextual determinants for individuals' behavior in health and lifestyle.


Our mission for the research is to contribute to high quality projects in national and international scientific societies. The goals for our mission are: 1) to contribute to the frontline in behavioral medicine research regarding health behavior and healthy lifestyle, 2) to conduct research in line with the Research and Education Strategy at Mälardalen University, 3) to guarantee the research base for the field relevant basic and advanced level educations, and 4) to systematically work for external funding of our research.

Co-production partners

Eskilstuna muncipality , Västerås city muncipality , County councils of Sörmland , Västmanland , Uppsala , Östergötland , Örebro , Dalarna , Gävleborg , Västra Götalandsregion , Värmland , Attendo Care , Göteborg University , Oslo University , Karolinska Institutet , Röda Korset University College , Danderyd Hospital , IDT at MDH , University of Oxford , National Spinal Injuries Centre , Stoke Mandeville , Zurich University , University of British Columbia