Welcome to Simulation and Optimization for Future Industrial Applications (SOFIA) – a part of the Future Energy Center (FEC) within EST (School of Business, Society, and Engineering) at MDH.

Within SOFIA, research and development are conducted of advanced modelling approaches and measurement techniques for power plants and the process industry. 

We focus on:

  • System modelling
  • SPH and mesh-based CFD techniques
  • NIR spectroscopy and RF soft-sensors
  • Temperature measurements and gas analysis in industrial processes as well as power and propulsion applications   


Currenty we are engaged in these projects:
Project  Research group  Project leader  Project sponsor 
DIAGNOSIS Furure Energy Konstantinos Kypriandis The Knowledge Foundation
DYNOP – Dynamic Optimization Future Energy Center Ioanna Aslanidou The Knowledge Foundation
DigiBoil – Development of computational fluid dynamic boiling heat transfer models with applicabilit Future Energy Center Rebei Bel Fdhila The Knowledge Foundation
EFFICIENT – Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Techno Future Energy Center Konstantinos Kyprianidis EU Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2
ENSAF – Energy- and safety diagnostics for decision support for underground mines Future Energy Center Erik Dahlquist Vinnova
FAR – Future Automation Region Future Energy Center Erik Dahlquist Vinnova, Vinnväx
FUDIPO – FUture DIrections for Process industry Optimization Future Energy Center Erik Dahlquist EU Horizon 2020 SPIRE-2
IOA – Implementation of Automation Future Energy Center Erik Dahlquist Future Energy, Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö
KKS research profile Future Energy Future Energy Center Jinyue Yan The Knowledge Foundation
MR-OMDO – Model Reduction for Online MultiDisciplinary Optimization Future Energy Center Rebei bel Fdhila The Knowledge Foundation
OPtiC-NIRS – Online powerplant control using near-infrared Spectroscopy Future Energy Center Konstantinos Kyprianidis Energimyndigheten
PolyPO – Polygeneration and Process Optimization for Advanced Combined Heat and Power Plants Future Energy Center Prof. Jinyue Yan, Future Energy Center, The Knowledge Foundation
SPECTRA - Spectral measurements for prediction of biomass properties Future Energy Center Konstantinos Kyprianidis The Knowledge Foundation
SYDPOL – System Development for Power Plant Production Planning and Optimal Operations Future Energy Center Eva Thorin Swedish Energy Agency
Smart Flows Future Energy Center Konstantinos Kyprianidis Vinnova, PiiA
TRADE – Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment Future Energy Center Konstantinos Kyprianidis EC Horizon 2020 (Clean Sky 2)