Welcome to Renewable Energy – biomass and bioenergy – which is a part of the Future Energy Center (FEC) within EST (School of Business, Society, and Engineering) at MDH.

Within Renewable Energy – biomass and bioenergy – research and development are conducted of processes and components for conversion of biomass to heat, power and fuel, recirculation of nutrients and energy from waste streams of the society.

We focus on:

  • Thermal conversion processes as pyrolysis, gasification and combustion
  • Biological conversion processes such as anaerobic digestion 
  • Municipal waste and waste water treatment systems 
  • Microalgaebased systems 
  • Recirculation of nutrients from sludge 


Currenty we are engaged in these projects:
Project  Research group  Project leader  Project sponsor 
BBChina – A master course devoted to the whole bioenergy and biochemicals chain Future Energy Center Jinyue Yan Erasmus+
BREEMRES – Building a Research and Education Environment for Modern Renewable Energy Systems Future Energy Center Patrik Klintenberg, Monica Odlare Sida
KKS research profile Future Energy Future Energy Center Jinyue Yan The Knowledge Foundation
PolyPO – Polygeneration and Process Optimization for Advanced Combined Heat and Power Plants Future Energy Center Prof. Jinyue Yan, Future Energy Center, The Knowledge Foundation
SMET – Separation of heavy metals in municipal wastewater treatment Future Energy Center Eva Thorin VA-kluster Mälardalen
VA-kluster Mälardalen Future Energy Center Eva Thorin Svenskt Vatten Utveckling (SVU)
WASTE MAN – WAter and Sludge inTEgrated MANagement in biomass power plants Future Energy Center Hailong Li The Knowledge Foundation
Water in a box (stage 2) Future Energy Center Monica Odlare Vinnova, Millennium Technology of Sweden AB