BIOREX - Biological Remediation of Explosives

The main focus of this research project is to develop biological remediation techniques for soil and water contaminated with explosives.

The demilitarisation factory Nammo Vingåkersverken yearly produces large amounts of water and sludge contaminated with explosive compound TNT (2,4,6-trinitrotoluen). TNT is a toluene molecule with three nitro groups attached to its ring structure and the molecule is extremely resistant against microbial degradation. Today, the water at is treated with activated carbon. This method is expensive and it also generates a waste product that needs to be treated at specialized waste companies. The sludge is currently stored in large bins, and is either subject to open detonation or is treated with highly expensive methods at waste companies.

The main focus of the research project will be to design a pine bark treatment method for the contaminated water and a bioslurry method for contaminated sludge and soil. Both these methods are environmentally friendly and their implementation at factory and test sites should reduce remediation costs significantly. Another focus of the project is to construct a computer model that can be used for monitoring of the degradation rate of the contaminated material. Since chemical analysis are expensive and tedious, it is of great interest to develop models that, based on a set of identified parameters, can be used for monitoring.

Huvudfinansiär(er): KK-stiftelsen
Medfinansiär(er): Nammo Vingåkersverken, Bofors Testcenter, KCEM, Katrineholms Patentbyrå
Samarbetspartner(s): Örebro Universitet, University of Latvia
Forskningsinriktning: Framtidens energi
Projektansvarig: Emma Nehrenheim
Medverkande forskare: Monica Odlare, Veronica Ribé, Olga Asihmina
Startår: 2009
Slutår: 2012