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VeriSpec - Structured Specification and Automated Verification for Automotive Functional Safety

The need for more advanced formal methodologies for design, development and verification of embedded systems has been identified by both industry and academia. VeriSpec will develop new, as well as adapt existing, modelling and verification techniques and relevant tool support for the analysis of requirements and architectural models of automotive systems, which could be seamlessly integrated within the industrial methodology of system development regulated by the functional safety standard ISO 26262.

Projektansvarig vid MDH

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The concrete project outcomes will be (i) a language by which requirements can be formalised and related to the system architecture, (ii) methods for automatic verification of architectural models against requirements, and (iii) a prototype implementation of the developed framework compatible with the industrial practices and processes.

From an industrial perspective, the adoption of these new methods and techniques raises challenges concerning the integration of new practices and related tools in the industrial processes and tool-chains. In order to tackle this problem, VeriSpec seeks for close interaction between academia (MDH) and industry (Scania CV and AB Volvo).

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