Credit transfer

Credit transfer for third-cycle studies.

Previously completed higher education study programmes or courses may have these credits transferred in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 6, Section 6. The Dean of School or a person/authority delegated by the Dean of School will take a decision regarding whether credits can be transferred from a higher education study programme or course.

For local provisions regarding credit transfers, apart from the Rules and Regulations for Third-cycle Studies, see also:

The Local Credit Transfer Regulations ( ) and the Local Examination Regulations ( Lokal examensordning ) (in Swedish only).

Applications for credit transfer for third-cycle studies are made on the form below, which is used for the following variants of credit transfers:

  • Credit transfer of previously completed education or occupation, in connection with (after) admission to third-cycle studies.
  •  Credit transfer of a course or module which replaces a compulsory course or module.
  • Credit transfer of a completed course or module which has not been approved by the Principal Supervisor in advance.
  • Credit transfer of a completed course or module which has been examined at another higher education institution.

Application for Credit Transfer for Third-cycle Education (pdf 121 kB)