Public defence of Licentiate thesis

Application for a Licentiate Seminar

Doctoral students who wish to defend their Licentiate thesis should apply for this on a special application form no later than eight semester weeks before the planned seminar. Please note that according to MDH's Rules and Regulations for Third-cycle Studies a licentiate seminar shall be conducted by an examining committee as from 1 May 2013.

Application for public defence of licentiate thesis (pdf 151 kB)

Check list for a Licentiate Seminar     

This check list provides an overview of the topics to be dealt with for a Licentiate Seminar.

Check list for public defence of licentiate thesis (pdf 110 kB)


Grading Decision for a Licentiate Seminar

The Principal Supervisor is to ensure that an original copy of the approved and signed grading decision is sent to the Executive Officer for Third-cycle Studies at the Management Office.

Grading decision for a Licentiate seminar with an Examining Committee (pdf 42 kB) (Swedish only)