Third-cycle Supervision at MDH

For each doctoral student admitted, a group of supervisors are appointed, consisting of a principal supervisor and one or more assistant supervisors.

The principal supervisor has the overall responsibility for the doctoral student's education. Other supervisors can be responsible for direct supervision of the doctoral student or can contribute with other subject skills, for example in interdisciplinary research. One of the supervisors shall be working at the same School as the doctoral student; the others may be employed at some other School or organisation with which the doctoral student's School has research cooperation.

Qualification requirements for principal supervisors at MDH

At MDH the principal supervisor of a doctoral student shall be qualified as a docent or professor. The other supervisors shall have doctoral degrees. The principal supervisor shall have undergone supervisory training corresponding to the two-weeks course given at MDH, and the other supervisors shall also have undergone some form of supervisory training or have plans to undergo such training.

Third-cycle supervision courses

MDH offers its supervisors the opportunity to develop of their supervisory skills. These can, for example, consist of supervisors' courses, seminars, conferences or talks regarding questions of supervision in groups. This continuing professional development may also be acquired through the opportunities that other HEIs offer.


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