The Doctoral Student Council at Mälardalen University

Within the Student Union there is a special doctoral student council along with representatives of the doctoral student body. Organisationally the Doctoral Student Council is placed under the Education Committee and is responsible for student influence regarding research studies.

The council consists of one doctoral student delegate for the whole University, along with two doctoral student council representatives for each School. The Doctoral Student Council is a natural referral body and discussion partner for faculty bodies and similar organs within the University and has the specific task of safeguarding the interests of the doctoral student body and of individual doctoral students.

The aim of the Doctoral Student Council is that all research students at Mälardalen University shall be aware of their rights and obligations as research students. The Doctoral Student Council conducts monitoring of research studies and works towards ensuring that the studies maintain high quality. The Doctoral Student Council is the research students' voice within the University. In cases of cooperation difficulties between the University and individual doctoral students, the Doctoral Student Council will provide advice and guidance.

Linked to the Doctoral Student Council is also a student/doctoral student ombudsman to whom doctoral students can turn if they feel improperly or badly treated. More information will be found in the link below.

Contact the Doctoral Student Ombudsman