Social Work

Social Work is a social science studying the social change of societal conditions as well as problem-solving in human relationships, with the aim of promoting human welfare

Within the third-cycle subject area of social work, studies of people’s health and welfare are carried out. The research concerns people of all ages and different genders who live under socially challenging conditions or have special needs. In social work, societal preconditions for human welfare are studied, as are the threats and challenges to individuals and groups, as well as their resources to preserve or regain a well-functioning life situation.

Research in social work comprises different theories and methods for studies of social, cultural and organisational contexts. The research can be described and problematised from individual, group, societal and global perspectives, and  has an interdisciplinary interest which comprises reactive and protective as well as preventive, supportive, caring and rehabilitating/habilitating measures.                                                                              

Research in Social Work has points in common with research in public health science, working life studies and care sciences, which enables synergy effects in research findings, thereby broadening the understanding of the research domain.

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