WCET analys (längsta exekveringstid), samt design och analys av språk för realtid och inbyggda system. Fokuserar på statisk programanalys för inbyggda system, specialiserad på WCET-analys.


Professor i datateknik / Docent

Björn Lisper



Pågående forskningsprojekt

The overall goal of HERO is to provide a framework that enables development of optimized parallel software, automatic mapping of software to heterogeneous hardware platforms, and provision of automatic hardware acceleration for the developed software.

Projektansvarig vid MDH: Mikael Sjödin

Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

The TESTOMAT project will support software teams to strike the right balance by increasing the development speed without sacrificing quality.

Projektansvarig vid MDH: Björn Lisper

Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova, Itea3

Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) analysis tries to find an upper bound for the time needed to execute a program. Such WCET bounds are very important when designing and verifying real-time systems. Current industrial practice is to estimate these bounds from measurements, something often complicated and error-prone.

Projektansvarig vid MDH: Björn Lisper